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A warehouse management system (WMS) is software and processes that allow organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out. Operations in a warehouse include Deer Stags Harrison Slip On SneakerMens Black Simulated Nubuck Latest Clearance Largest Supplier Discount Exclusive Outlet Discounts rvIzPzZ55
, picking processes and auditing.

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For example, a WMS can provide visibility into an organization's inventory at any time and location, whether in a facility or in transit. It can also manage supply chain operations from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the warehouse, then to a retailer or distribution center . A WMS is often used alongside or integrated with a transportation management system (TMS) or an inventory management system.

Warehouse management systems come in a variety of types and implementation methods, and the type typically depends on the size and nature of the organization. They can be stand-alone systems or modules in a larger enterprise resource planning () system or supply chain execution suite.

They can also vary widely in complexity. Some small organizations may use a simple series of hard copy documents or spreadsheet files, but most larger organizations -- from small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enterprise companies -- use complex WMS software. Some WMS setups are designed specifically for the size of the organization, and many vendors have versions of WMS products that can scale to different organizational sizes. Some organizations build their own WMS from scratch, but it's more common to implement a WMS from an established vendor.

A WMS can also be designed or configured for the organization's specific requirements; for example, an Pay With Visa Online Life Stride Daisie FlatWomens Black PU Free Shipping Affordable Affordable Sale Online Big Sale Sast Sale Online HLOXUsMnZ
vendor might use a WMS that has different functions than a brick-and-mortar retailer. Additionally, a WMS may also be designed or configured specifically for the types of goods the organization sells; for example, a sporting goods retailer would have different requirements than a grocery chain.

Although a WMS is complex and expensive to implement and run, organizations gain benefits that can justify the complexity and costs.

Implementing a WMS can help an organization reduce labor costs, improve inventory accuracy, improve flexibility and responsiveness, decrease errors in picking and shipping goods, and improve customer service. Modern warehouse management systems operate with real-time data, allowing the organization to manage the most current information on activities like orders, shipments, receipts and any movement of goods.

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Cystic fibrosis (CF) feels a little different for everyone, but everyone experiences progression of CF over time, whether they feel it or not. Progression can occur when the thick mucus building up throughout the body causes inflammation and scarring in many different organs, leading to permanent damage. This damage is often present before it can even be detected by tests, so it's important to understand how progression impacts many different parts of the body over time.

Living with CF

Cycle of Lung Damage

Repeated pulmonary exacerbations cause lung damage

Beginning early, the buildup of thick, sticky mucus in the lungs results in a cycle of infection, inflammation, and more mucus buildup. Pulmonary exacerbations are often a key part of this cycle. This is especially serious because a pulmonary exacerbation means more than just a hospital stay or an extra round of antibiotics. It may cause permanent lung damage that advances disease progression.

Bronchiectasis causes loss of lung function

Chronic inflammation and infection often lead to an extensive and progressive condition called bronchiectasis, which eventually affects virtually all people with CF. Bronchiectasis is a permanent reshaping of the airways that causes them to become loose and scarred. It can make it harder to clear mucus from the lungs and for the airways to move air in and out as a person breathes. As it worsens, the lungs become more damaged, leading to a loss of lung function.

It’s important to promptly treat pulmonary exacerbations to prevent and slow down the progression of bronchiectasis. If left untreated, the cycle of infection and inflammation can result in a permanent loss of lung function.

Watch how CF affects the lungs over time

In CF, permanent lung damage may occur even before it can be detected by lung function tests.

Starting from a young age, people with CF may experience a lung function decline of 1 to 3 percentage points each year on average.

A change in lung function is not always felt

Part of what makes this decline so serious is that some people don’t always feel the change. So someone may lose a lot of lung function before they begin to feel like something is wrong.

Disease progression is universal

CF is different for everyone. But all cases of CF progress over time. Taking a proactive approach to managing CF is the first step toward managing disease.

It’s never too early to have a conversation with a healthcare provider about potential lung damage.

Having high lung function means that CF is not progressing.

Here's the truth:Lung function tests don't always detect early lung damage, so lung damage may be present even when lung function is high.

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As someone with CF grows up, the same mucus issues that caused digestive problems in childhood may have caused scarring in different digestive organs. This scarring can result in the development of other conditions.


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